Stained Glass Repair and Restoration

At Scottish Stained Glass we feel it is our duty to preserve and protect these works of art for all time.

At Scottish Stained Glass we have been repairing and restoring many beautiful and historic stained glass pieces from all around the country. Most companies will turn away this sort of work but not us! We find pride and joy to repair or restore any stained glass from historic cathedral windows to a homemade piece.

Stained Glass Windows less Than 50 Years Old Can Be Repaired Simply & Inexpensively

Depending on the lead camping condition, the repair can only require replacing the broken piece but, if your window is over 50 years old, a full restoration may be required which involves taking the panels completely apart and then save all the glass to be reused. For this kind of restorations, we replace the old lead with new one, and as the panel is rebuilt the old glass is reused. Any broken pieces in the stained glass will be matched for texture and color.

The old stained glass masters used to work entirely by hand and with inferior tools (compared to today’s tools). Even with those limitations, they produced incredible beautiful pieces of art. Here at Scottish Stained Glass, we feel it’s our duty to protect and preserve these works of art for future generations.

stained glass repair restoration ft collins

Exterior Protective Coverings for Stained Glass

We proudly offer exclusive aluminum systems for achieving ultimate protection for your stained glass windows. These aluminum systems are very similar to commercial storefront systems and provide a variety of benefits for both religious and commercial properties. They can house a number of different protective coverings including plexiglass, laminate, plate, and tempered glass.

These aluminum extrusion systems are also available in different colors including metal finish, white, dark bronze, and custom colors. With ventilation already built into the frames of these systems, we no longer have to create ventilation in your frames or glass for protective coverings. They also have the ability to easily pop out damaged protective glazing and replace them in minutes. Another wonderful advantage of these aluminum systems is the maintenance. Since they provide protection for both your stained glass and window frames, you won’t need to paint your wooden window frames every 5 years anymore. Enjoy a sleek, modern system that provides superior protection.

Schedule Your Stained Glass Restoration Assessment

We have a talented team of builders and designers that will create the perfect restoration and repair of your stained glass in Fort Collins. Call or Email us today if you have any questions about our repair or restoration process, or if you would like to schedule a consultation with one of our designers.