Backlit Stained Glass

Incredible Backlit Stained Glass Services for Religious and Historic Properties

Fort Collins Stained Glass is honored to provide incredible backlit stained glass services throughout the state of Colorado and beyond. We incorporate custom LED lighting panels along with stained glass as an alternative method for illumination. Create one-of-a-kind pieces of art that capture the essence of stained glass without the requirement for window installation or natural sunlight. Our backlit stained glass services allow historic and religious properties the opportunity to transform both antique window and new panels.

Customizable LED Lighting Panels for Your Backlit Stained Glass Project

We utilize only the leading custom LED lighting panels so you can create any shape or size. These energy-conserving options deliver a wide array of custom options so you can enhance any stained glass panel. Experience a great variety of different applications ranging from retail visual marketing to inspiring religious art. This gives old stained glass windows a new opportunity for restoration and revival that may have otherwise been replaced or disposed of.

The Benefits of Custom LED Lighting for Backlit Stained Glass

Experience the following benefits with our custom LED lighting panels for backlit stained glass projects:

  • Flexible lighting panels available
  • 70,000 hour lifespan featuring patented heat sink
  • Slim 8mm design
  • Consistent lighting throughout stained glass
  • Energy-saving lighting that has minimal heat output
  • Frameless look
  • Choose the number of lumens for desired brightness
  • Choose from single-color white, RGBW color, or tunable white

Work With Fort Collin’s Leading Backlit Stained Glass Artist

Our team is happy to help you find the right lighting panel option for your project. Work with your designers from start to finish, in order to bring your vision to reality. For more information, please contact us!