Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright Stained Glass

Frank Lloyd Wright was an American architect and designer whose modern styles shaped much of today’s contemporary design. His work also included stained glass pioneering the now famous Prairie style which incorporates geometrical shapes and earth tones. His stained glass work was commonly implemented within his homes and buildings.

At Scottish Stained Glass, we noticed that many of our clients are inspired by Wright’s designs so we decided to mimic his Mission style and implement it in your custom stained glass. If you’ve seen any Mission stained glass style that you like, you will probably love Prairie styles as well! Our designer will study the window where your stained glass will be located and offer you the best styles, colors and textures that matches your personal style.

Frank Lloyd Wright Stained Glass in Fort Collins
The options on our custom made stained glass windows are endless and with very few restrictions allowing you to find something that you will love!

Our Frank Lloyd Wright designs are very contemporary and, if you love modern design, its versatility will be a perfect fit for your home. The most defining characteristics of this style in stained glass are:

Geometric shapes
Abstract designs
Earth tones
Small splashes of color
Intricate design with many pieces

Since every Fort Collins stained glass is custom made, we can recreate, modify and blend our designs to match your personal style and your size and shape needed.

Contact us today if you want a Frank Lloyd Wright stained glass for your home. Our process begins with an in-home consultation with one of our designers who will assist you creating the stained glass piece that you want and that better fits your home style. Our designer will bring photos and glass samples to help you visualize the design and options.

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Contact us today if you have any questions, ideas or want to book a consultation with one of our designers. Our team can answer any initial question that you may have regarding our Frank Lloyd Wright, Mission or Prairie stained glass window styles.