Stained Glass Styles

Elegant Stained Glass Styles

Colorado Stained Glass specializes in a wide array of design styles to accommodate our wide array of clientele. We build our custom window designs locally and create a piece that matches the styles that you have already incorporated into your home. Scottish Stained Glass in Colorado takes great pride in our detail-oriented ability to tailor our designs to individual clients. We provide custom stained glass designs for any style of home and will help you no matter what to turn your vision into reality.

Our experience has led us to become very familiar with all stained glass design styles. We have worked with a wide variety of clients and created countless pieces. This has allowed us to better serve every Scottish Stained Glass Colorado client. All of our stained glass pieces are completely custom made and since we have limitless design opportunities, it is best to narrow down your individual style in order to create the perfect design for you.

Nouveau and Mackintosh

Our customers usually visualize a traditional stained glass as a colorful and bright artwork similar to a church stained glass. However, we can create a traditional stained glass by using all clear, leaded glass too. By using leaded designs, our artists can create the traditional style that will match with your personal style and flow with the look of your home.

Contemporary designs are distinguished by their linear, clean, geometrical, simplistic and (somewhat) abstract compositions most commonly found in Art Deco and Mission Style designs. Using accents of color in this contemporary window designs can really help them to come together. If you are looking for a contemporary or a traditional floral stained glass design, our expert team will accommodate your needs to fit your unique home style. We have helped thousands of customers to find their ideal leaded glass style, let us help you find yours!

Choose The Right Style For You

With over 600 colors, and several textured and bevel glass options, we can make your design come to life and match your unique home style. Let us show you how by adding leaded glass to your Ft. Collins home can beautify your living space with one of a kind art piece that will match your personal style.

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Contact us today if you have any questions about the different styles that we can offer to you, or set up a consultation with our talented designers. We serve all the Ft. Collins and Colorado area.