Stained Glass Installation

Stained Glass Installation

The installation of your leaded glass is always included in your purchase. At Scottish Stained Glass our goal is to ensure that your leaded glass is installed correctly, that’s why we have many methods of installation to ensure that your stained glass piece fits perfectly. Also, we will work with you if you need to replace all the glass in your window.

If you want to add an entirely new window to your home, we can ensure that the project will develop smoothly for both your home and the building code standards in your area. Different building methods are required based on the area of your home, that why we ensure that your installation is completely safe.

Salvaging Your Existing Window Frames Is Our Preferred Installation Method

One of our preferred installation methods is bonding your stained or lead glass to the interior side of your existing clear glass window. This process not only salvages your existing window frames, it also adds to the insulating value of your windows keeping a more stable temperature inside your home. Another important reason to consider bonding your stained glass to your existing window pane is that it will protect your stained glass from the elements. After we bond the stained glass to your window, it will simply look like stained glass!

Alternative Installation Options

We also offer different window and stained glass installation options for your bathroom. Most likely, windows are located over the bathtub or in the shower area and moisture can be a major issue since it can damage the stained glass. To prevent this, we can seal the stained glass between two regular panes of glass; this method is called Isolated Glass (I.G.). By doing this we ensure that the stained glass will be completely isolated from the elements becoming a great solution, not just for bathrooms but also doors, sidelights, transoms, etc.

Schedule A Free Consultation

During your consultation with one of our talented designers, they will list the best installation options for your door or window based on the location, budget, and design of your stained glass. Since each window and installation we make are completely unique, we at Scottish Stained Glass guarantee satisfaction with your end result. Call us today if you have any questions about our installation process, or if you want to start your stained glass project.