Stained Glass Transoms

Beautify Your Home with Transom Stained Glass

The Transom or Transom Light are usually smaller windows located above your home’s main window or door which offers a great source of natural light, especially if the main windows or sidelights below are covered by blinds or curtains to give the homeowners privacy. Scottish Stained Glass provides custom designs that will match your home and personal style.

A variant of the Transom windows are the Clear Story Windows. This windows are usually located in rooms with high ceilings where the windows are in the top half of the room becoming a grate source of natural light. Our designers will create beautiful stained glass windows that will reflects your personal style and provide both beauty and privacy to your home.

Each of our stained glass pieces are unique and custom made allowing us to tweak designs until we come up with something you absolutely love!

Transom Stained Glass Improves Real Estate Value

Stained Glass windows can be a game changer piece that will increase the value of your home. Martin Faith, owner of Scottish Stained Glass explains ” A few months ago, a builder of a beautiful new urban home approached us since he was having trouble selling the house which was on the market for almost 6 months. The problem was because of a block of apartments was recently built right behind the property. These apartments were visible through the windows at the back of the house making potential buyers feel uncomfortable. After investing a couple of thousand dollars installing a custom stained glass transom window, the builder was able to sell the house 2 weeks after the transom installation was done.

Adding Stained Glass Transom to Your Fort Collins Home

Every transom stained glass window is custom made becoming one of a kind! We work together with you to match your personal style whether if you love traditional designs like Art Nouveau or Mackintosh, or something more clean and modern like Frank Lloyd Wright. We want to help you create the perfect custom transom stained glass window that goes with your personal style.