Entryways & Doors

Stained Glass Entryways and Doors

Ft. Collins Entryway Stained Glass

Leaded glass entryways are one of our most popular stained glass application in the Fort Collins area. Using textured and beveled glass in your sidelights and front door, you can create a inviting and welcoming impression on your visitors.

Adding a Stained Glass Entryway to Your Fort Collins Home

We know that the entryways and doors are the first impression of your home. Therefore, it needs to be inviting and beautiful for you and your guests. Our professional team will work together with you to find the best design that fit your unique home and personal décor tastes.

Privacy for Sidelights, Doors & Transoms

Entryway sidelights and transoms are designed to provided natural light to your home but, if your home has clear glass in these features, your visitors or people bypassing may see straight through into your home and, to prevent this, many people will end up covering these windows. Using leaded glass is a great and beautiful solution for this problem. Though any design and color can be use for your leaded glass design, we suggest to use colorless, beveled and textured glass to add privacy and allow the most natural light inside your home.

Increase the Value of your Home

Installing stained glass in your entryways may also increase the value of your home while providing natural light to your entryway, privacy and both exterior and interior elegance to to your home. Stained glass is a custom feature that looks attractive to buyers when they’re touring homes. By adding stained glass sidelights to your home, you can increase its curb appeal. When buyers are considering their options, they will be sure to remember the stunning stained glass entrance in your home.

Customize your Design

Making an investment in and a permanent change to your home is an important decision. Your home’s entrance is the first glance that people get of your property, whether they’re stopping by for dinner or to take a tour of your home when it’s up for sale. At Fort Collins Stained Glass, we believe providing our clients with options is important for their long term satisfaction with their decision.

When you purchase stained glass windows from a major hardware store, you only get so many options to choose from. This limits your ability to truly personalize your home’s exterior. But when you work us, you’ll have access to a personal designer who will work with you to create a look that you love and are excited about.

Complete Entryways from Fort Collins Stained Glass

If you have multiple windows that need privacy, one option you may want to consider is having a complete entryway custom built for your home. We can remove your existing door and transoms and replace them with one that’s been custom built by our team. When you go this route, you get the option of choosing what type of wood and finish you would like your stained glass encased in. And having your entryway rebuilt can also boost the insulation of your home and protect it from the cold weather.

Stained Glass Fort Collins

For more than 20 years we have built and designed beautiful leaded glass entryways in the Colorado area. When you work with us, you’ll get a high quality lasting product for your home designed and installed by our experienced and reliable team. Our entryway stained glass windows give Fort Collins homes a beautiful appearance and lasting results. Call us if you have any questions, ideas, or need help with any type of stained glass project for your home or business. We will be happy to help you!