Dalle De Verre

Stained Glass Dalle de Verre Windows

If you’re looking for someone who can create Dalle de Verre for your home or building or are in need of Dalle Glass restoration, Fort Collins Stained Glass would love to hear from you. Dalle de Verre is a stunning style of stained glass that uses thick faceted glass to catch and refract sunlight and create a colorful display. Though Dalle Glass is extraordinary, it is becoming increasingly rare and difficult to find. We are one of the few remaining companies that specializes in this captivating technique.

Dalle Glass Experts in Fort Collins

Dalle Glass is a type of artistic mosaic made from stained glass. The technique was developed in the 1930s by French artist Jean Gaudin. After gaining traction in Europe, it made its way to the United States in the 1960s and became extremely popular. Dalle Glass is admired for its distinct, modern aesthetic and colorful appearance.

The process of producing Dalle de Verre starts first with the making of the colored glass pieces. Thick pieces are cut from the glass slabs, then formed into shape, and chiseled along the edge with a hammer. This produces a type of faceted look and gives the glass the ability to catch light from many different angles.

Next, the glass is arranged on a bed of flat sand and epoxy is poured between the grooves to hold the glass in place. When the epoxy comes into contact with the sand, a reaction is produced that results in the formation of a very strong mortar. Next, more sand is added, sometimes of a different variety or color, to fill the shallow gaps that remain on the surface. This produces a type of tiled or mosaic look. Finally, the glass is hung in the window opening and put on display.

Dalle de Verre Repair & Restoration

It is common for Dalle de Verre to need repairs at least once in its lifetime. This is because the epoxy with which it is made often breaks down over time due to foundation settling or exposure to the elements. Sometimes, pieces of glass will split and crack or become very loose, posing a safety hazard. Restoration allows the composition to remain structurally sound and improves its aesthetic appearance.

Our Dalle Glass restoration process starts with a visit from our Fort Collins team. We come to your location to inspect and analyze the condition of your windows. Then, we remove them one or two panels at a time for repairs.

Delicately, the glass is taken apart and the epoxy mortar is removed. Then, it is cleaned up around the edges and any badly damaged pieces are discarded. For the final step, we reassemble the panel using new epoxy and sand and then install it back in place. While this process is rather time-consuming, your Dalle Glass will look likely when it’s finished.

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