Beautiful Examples of Stained Glass Throughout Europe

Beautiful Examples of Stained Glass Throughout Europe

Stained glass has such an interesting, deep-rooted history that goes back centuries to Europe. Modern-day stained glass artisans can really learn a lot from these historic pieces of stained glass. Understanding all the different techniques can really implement a new artistic style and offer inspiration for current stained glass pieces. Stained glass throughout Europe offers some beautiful examples that can really provide such beauty and historical value. One of our favorite examples of stained glass in Europe is the Gothic style stained glass windows housed in Sainte-Chapelle.

Sainte-Chapelle Historic Stained Glass Windows

Sainte-Chapelle is a famous, historic church that is located in Paris, France. This incredible Gothic-style church is home to 1113 stained glass pieces that make up 15 stained glass windows. Each of these 15 stained glass windows is almost 50 feet in height, drawing the viewer’s eyes upward toward the magnificent details. The 1113 stained glass pieces are all different and unique, portraying a significant scene from the New and Old Testament. In addition to biblical scenes, some historical events in France are also captured through these incredibly detailed works of art. The stained glass features almost make the building look as if it was completely built out of glass, lending an incredible open feel that’s traditional to historic churches and their intention of stained glass.

Sainte-Chapelle Inspired Stained Glass for Your Fort Collins Church

Fort Collins Stained Glass is proud to be the leading custom stained glass studio serving the Fort Collins area. Churches from all different denominations can all take advantage of the amazing benefits that custom stained glass has to offer. Sainte-Chapelle offers endless inspiration in both design and symbolic messaging, providing a great source for churches. Experience more congregation members and improved services with the addition of custom religious stained glass.

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