How Long Will A Stained Glass Restoration Take On My Fort Collins Chapel?

How Long Will A Stained Glass Restoration Take On My Fort Collins Chapel?

Types Of Stained Glass Repairs And Timelines

A question we get a lot from churches considering repairing their aging stained glass is–How long will it take? It makes sense that churches would be concerned about this since renovations are notoriously disruptive and lengthy and for them, it means the stained glass restoration could interrupt services or activities within the church. While we would love to tell you repairs are always simple and quick for church stained glass, in all reality it depends on the state of your stained glass. Repairs could take anywhere from a single day to as long as a year depending on the size and scope of your stained glass renewal. That being said, church stained glass repair is a case by case situation. But, to help you get an idea about how long repairs for the stained glass on your Fort Collins church will take, we have compiled a quick guide.

Stained Glass Cleaning Time Frame

Stained glass cleaning is fairly straightforward and generally takes as little as a day. However, for large chapels, which have bigger windows, the cleaning will always take a bit longer due to the size and difficulty in safely reaching. In this case, we often need to step up scaffolding which adds a bit extra time. Also, if windows have not been cleaned in a very long time, this could make the process take longer. Understandably, cleaning is never a job to be hurried because it could lead to damage.

Minor Repairs To Broken Stained Glass Pieces Timeframe

If your church windows have a few pieces of broken glass, this can usually be done rather quickly by a trained professional. This work is called a “drop-in,” “stop-in,” or “open-lead” repair and means soldering the joint to replace a few small pieces of broken glass. In the case that you have or need Zinc caming, this process will take longer because of the need for folding it back to repair or replace the old glass, and then re-soldering the joints.

Replacement Stained Glass Timeframe

Replacement glass, made to match the original pieces of glass in your cathedral windows, can be difficult and costly to find or make. The process of mimicking older glass is usually what takes the most time for these types of repairs. When we have to replicate glass, it takes longer because sometimes we need to do a few iterations before we get it right. With so many glass colors and textures used, often times with “secret” formulas from long ago, pinpointing exactly what needs to be done can take time but rest assured we are the best studio in Colorado for doing so.

Structural Repairs On Stained Glass Timeframe

This is the most lengthy type of stained glass repair because the glass and structural elements essentially need to be rebuilt. This includes things like windows that have detached from the saddle bars and begun to sag, bulge, or bow. To complete the job we first carefully remove the glass, one piece at a time, and then take it to our workshop to repair or rebuild. This also includes rebuilding the entire frame structure. However, when we finish, you will see a stunning version of the same stained glass pattern your church loves. All of this takes some time– up to a year in some cases. However, is totally worth it in more ways than one. You will be startled to see the magnificence and beauty that was lying hidden in your church this whole time!

Watch the video below to learn more about stained glass repair:


To get the best idea about how long your Fort Collins church’s stained glass repair or restoration will take, contact us for a free, on-site estimate of time and cost.

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