Stained Glass Windows Give Cheyenne Homes a Major Increase in Resale Value

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Stained Glass Windows Give Cheyenne Homes a Major Increase in Resale Value

Have you ever wondered why so many homes in Cheyenne have stained glass windows? Well, there’s a number of reasons for this but one of the main ones is that it provides a higher resale value. Many Cheyenne homeowners know that if they add stained glass to their home, they’re likely to receive a higher bid and get the asking price they’re looking for.

3 Benefits of Installing Stained Glass for Your Cheyenne Home Before Selling

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If you think about it, adding stained glass is really smart way to increase the resale value of your home. Not only is it beautiful, but it can also be fairly affordable. The benefits that you’ll receive from making this one simple change are bound to pay off and here’s why.

1. Stained glass can boost the curb appeal of your home.
Imagine that you’re shopping for a new home. Chances are, you’re probably going to drive by a couple houses before you decide on which ones you actually want to look into. If you see something from the outside of the home that catches your eye, like a stained glass door, you’re probably going to make seeing that house a higher priority than others.

2. The privacy stained glass provides is appealing to buyers.
One of the main benefits of stained glass is that it provides privacy for your home and your family. This can be a huge talking point when you or your realtor are giving a tour of the home. When it comes to bidding on one home instead of another, it’s really the accumulation of a bunch of little benefits that stand out in people’s minds. Privacy stained glass could be that one special thing that convinces a buyer.

3. Stained glass makes your home look like it’s worth more.
Stained glass isn’t a standard for every home. Most people recognize that it’s a custom renovation. And custom renovations are generally worth more in value. Stained glass can give your home a high end look and may convince a buyer to place a higher bid than they would otherwise.

Custom Stained Glass Windows in Cheyenne

Ft Collins Stained Glass is the number one source for custom stained glass windows in the Cheyenne area. Call us today to receive an estimate on a new beautiful stained glass window for your home.

Martin's work has been spotlighted on HGTV, the DIY Network, CBS, NBC, and numerous media outlets. He is one of the most accomplished stained glass artisans of his time and the proud owner of Fort Collins Stained Glass. He has dedicated his entire life's career to sharing his love of stained glass with others and is an expert on its origin, manufacturing process, and history. In addition to creating custom stained glass for homes and commercial businesses, Martin also acts as a consultant for church restoration projects. Drawing on his own research and ongoing education as well as the skills that he attained while working as a glass artisan in Scotland, Martin helps property owners identify the best styles and options of stained glass for achieving their aesthetic and architectural goals. His company has been in business for over thirty years and has successfully executed over 50,000 projects.

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