How To Care For Stained Glass Windows in Your Fort Collins Home

How To Care For Stained Glass Windows in Your Fort Collins Home

Proper Stained Glass Maintenance And Repair Tips

Most homeowners don’t realize that stained glass windows are just as strong as any other window. They are, however, more valuable, harder to manufacture, repair and replace, should something happen to them. Also, stained glass windows are essentially pieces of art meaning, you want to keep it looking its best for as long as you can. The key to the long life of your stained glass, besides being properly created in the first place, is proper maintenance and care. Below are a few tips from us to you to help you care for your home’s gorgeous and valuable stained glass. It is important to note that stained glass, when properly crafted and cared for will last 80-100 years before needing repair–when properly maintained.

Combat Stained Glass Damage By Cleaning Your Glass

egular maintenance is the key to long life and continued brilliance of stained glass. Dirt and debris will build up on the glass, much like other places in your home. This could lead to excessive build-up that is hard to remove and much more expensive and time-consuming when it is. To avoid this, regularly go over your stained glass with a duster or gentle soapy water and remember not to use too much pressure.

Combat Stained Glass Damage With Regular Professional Cleanings

Having your stained glass cleaned by a professional once a year is a very good thing for your stained glass (especially if you are one to forget monthly cleanings). A professional, like Fort Collins Stained Glass, has the right tools to reach high windows, proper cleaning solvents, and we know how to treat the glass lightly so as not to damage or break the glass. You will be amazed at the difference in clarity and brightness of your glass after it is cleaned and you see the original luster!

Keep An Eye Out For Small Damage

When the weather gets rough it can cause minor damage to many areas of a home including its stained glass windows. Although stained glass is durable, accidents sometimes happen and also time takes its toll on your glass causing breakage, chips or scratches. Thes smaller problems are easily fixed and don’t cost very much to repair. However, if you wait until these become bigger problems, it will cost you a lot more! What may seem like a small fissure or tiny divet could quickly turn into a larger problem, so keep an eye on your stained glass and inspect it regularly for damage. If you see damage, call a professional stained glass repair company, like Fort Collins Stained Glass, right away!

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