Beautiful Residential Stained Glass Features for Fort Collins

Beautiful Residential Stained Glass Features for Fort Collins

Many are under the misbelief that stained glass is only suitable for museums, historic properties, churches, and maybe businesses. However, it is actually quite popular to have stained glass in homes. This is due to all the many benefits that this medium has to offer. From better home privacy to enhanced property value, homeowners anywhere can take advantage of custom stained glass installation. Here are some beautiful residential stained glass features for your Fort Collins property.

Different Residential Stained Glass Placement Ideas for Fort Collins

  • Entryways and bathrooms: Some of our favorite areas to really make a statement are the entryway and bathroom. For stunning, large-scale designs, these two areas are an excellent consideration since they often need better privacy. Entryways tend to be the first impression of your home for guests and bathrooms can become an oasis for homeowners. Stained glass offers a great way to spruce these areas up while addressing privacy.
  • Backlit stained glass and hanging panels: Not ready to install an entire stained glass window? Our backlit stained glass and hanging panel services are the perfect option for you. Create small stained glass projects that can be either illuminated with custom LED lighting or by hanging next to an existing window or light. We can transform both existing panels or create new custom stained glass for either service.
  • Fixtures: A great way to enhance interior decor is through custom stained glass fixtures. Think vanities, cabinets, lighting, home bars, entertainment centers, and more. You can really create the perfect look for any room.

Work With Fort Collins’ Preferred Residential Stained Glass Studio

Fort Collins Stained Glass is proud to be the preferred residential stained glass studio serving the northern Colorado area. Our team is happy to sit down with you and sketch out all of your design ideas. Contact us today!

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