How Long Does Stained Glass Last?

How Long Does Stained Glass Last?

Stained glass is a long-lasting material that can be passed down through several generations. Stained glass produced in the twentieth century will typically survive 80-100 years before the lead begins to break and jeopardize the window’s survival. However, as a stained glass owner, there are certain things you may do to keep your window functioning for as long as possible. Fort Collins

Caring for Your Fort Collins Home’s Stained Glass Windows

It’s a good idea to consider your stained glass window as an artistic work of art. As these valuable elements in houses mature, they acquire value, and you want to keep them looking as great as possible for as long as possible. The secret to your stained glass’s longevity is regular maintenance. Here are some pointers from us to you on how to care for your home’s lovely and precious stained glass.

Prolong the Life of Your Fort Collins Home’s Stained Glass With Regular Cleanings

Regular cleaning is critical for the long life and continual brightness of stained glass. Grime will accumulate on stained glass, especially because this sort of glass typically has more texture that catches dirt. You may prevent build-up by lightly dusting your home’s stained glass once a month. Deep cleanings should be left to the experts.

Prolong the Life of Your Fort Collins Home’s Stained Glass with Regular Professional Cleanings

It’s critical to have your stained glass cleaned by a professional once a year. This is especially true if you’re someone who neglects to clean their windows on a regular basis. A professional has the proper tools and cleaning solutions to thoroughly clean your windows. They will also conduct an in-depth examination of your glass to look for problems developing over time.

Prolong the Life of Your Fort Collins Home’s Stained Glass by Having Small Damage Repaired Right Away

When the weather gets bad in Fort Collins, it can cause minor damage to stained glass windows. Although stained glass is sturdy enough to withstand decades of rough weather nicks, chips, and scratches do occur. These small issues are straightforward to repair and aren’t particularly expensive to mend. If you put off having repairs done, the glass might begin to show signs of strain and this could lead to pieces of glass falling out necessitating significant structural work.

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