Signs It’s Time to Start Restoring Your Fort Collins Home’s Stained Glass

Signs It’s Time to Start Restoring Your Fort Collins Home’s Stained Glass

Homes throughout the Fort Collins area can experience signs of deterioration due to UV exposure, hail, vandalism, and the natural aging process. Many factors in Colorado can accelerate deterioration among antique and historic stained glass windows. In order to stop these signs of deterioration from subsequent damage, it is crucial to know when to start the restoration process. There are numerous indicators that can let homeowners know that their stained glass is ready for restoration.

When to Start the Restoration Process for Fort Collins Residential Stained Glass

Most stained glass requires restoration around the 75-year to the 100-year mark, which is a good timeline to be familiar with. If your stained glass is around this age it is a good idea to look into restoration. Other signs that can implicate that your stained glass is ready for immediate repairs and restoration include softened lead, disintegrating lead, white film or dust on the glass, weakened joints, broken glass, missing glass pieces, cracked glass, yellowing plexiglass, discoloration, warped appearance, concave shape, convex shape, etc. If your stained glass has one or more of these symptoms it is important to start restorations immediately before more damage can be done. Stained glass restoration can become a really costly process the longer you wait, leading to irreversible damage.

Work with Fort Collins’ Leading Stained Glass Restoration Studio

Fort Collins Stained Glass is honored to be the leading stained glass restoration studio offering residential, commercial, and religious stained glass restoration. With a proprietary, renowned restoration process that delivers at least another century to your stained glass’ lifespan, we’re happy to help properly preserve beautiful, antique stained glass pieces from around the nation. Work with the industry’s best restoration artists and preserve your stained glass today.

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