Dalle Stained Glass Restoration Project: Rose Hills Memorial Chapel

dalle stained glass restoration project fort collins

Dalle Stained Glass Restoration Project: Rose Hills Memorial Chapel

Recently, we were invited to be part of a stained glass restoration project for the Rose Hills Memorial Chapel. Our Fort Collins team had the opportunity of working with the property owners to identify and address issues with their chapel’s beautiful Dalle Glass windows. Below, we’ve recounted our experience in detail.


About the Dalle Glass in the Rose Hills Chapel

Stained glass often has an uplifting and inspiring effect on views. The interaction between light and color seems almost unearthly and for many, the experience of gazing at a stained glass window lit by the sun can be deeply moving. For this reason, it is often used in places like funeral homes and memorial chapels. Its presence can be calming and instill a sense of hope. Such is the case for the Dalle Glass in the Rose Hills Memorial Chapel.

Rose Hills Park draws visitors from all over the world. It is a beautiful 1,400 acre park in the Los Angeles area that is home to 32 miles of roads, scenic gardens, and stunning buildings. The Memorial Chapel sits at the top of a hill and features views of the San Gabriel Valley. Inside, it houses a set of stunning Dalle de Verre stained glass windows created in a arching, curved design. The stained glass serves as a backdrop during funeral services and is admired by all who come to visit.


Problems with the Dalle Glass

We were called in to inspect the Dalle Glass because it was showing signs of deterioration. The property owners noticed cracks and some pieces appeared to be loose. Upon inspection, we saw that the grouting holding the panels together was cracking. 30% of the panels were in serious condition.


How We Approached the Stained Glass Restoration

To allow the chapel to stay open and in-use, we completed this project in stages. We worked to one section at a time before going on to repair the rest. While we were completing the repairs, we inserted custom graphics in place of the missing sections. This allowed the windows to maintain the same appearance while the restoration was underway.

For the repairs, we cut away the old grouting using a tile saw. Then, we arranged the glass according to its original pattern. Then, we rebuilt each panel with new grouting, which is made from a combination of cement, epoxy, and roofing granules. Once we completed a section, we re-installed it and moved onto the next. Through this process, we were able to complete all the repairs without impacting the day-to-day operations of the chapel.


Learn More About this Project

If you’re interested in learning more about this project or our stained glass restoration services in Fort Collins, please contact our office.

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