Stained glass restoration experts

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Stained glass restoration experts

We are stained glass restoration experts with over twenty years in the stained glass business. When it comes to stained glass restoration, Ft Collins churches should be aware that if they have antique or old stained glass, it might be in need of restoration or even just a simple repair. But the longer they wait to have the restoration done, the more work and the greater the cost, and if they wait too long, the stained glass might not be able to be restored at all.

How do we know if our windows do need stained glass restoration, Ft Collins clients ask us. How do we know if it only needs a small repair? Those are good questions. Repair is usually a much smaller job, perfect for windows that might have cracked or lost a couple of pieces of glass, or have become caked with grime over the years. But when it comes to a full stained glass restoration, we will need to completely disassemble the glass pieces in our studio, clean them, replace the broken or missing ones with matching glass, and reassemble the stained glass with brand new lead strips.

Frequently, it is the lead that causes the need for the restoration, not the glass itself. Especially if the windows are large and heavy, like many church windows or hotel skylights and ceilings, the weight of the window combined with the pull of gravity can create serious problems. The windows can start to bow or sag. That puts terrible pressure on the pieces of glass, which might start cracking or falling out altogether. The lead can become bent, brittle over the years, or otherwise in need of replacement.

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With our special process of restoration, Ft Collins stained glass owners can rest assured that when we are finished, their windows will be sturdier and more durable than they were originally built, and can last another century or even more. We clean each piece of glass, cut new lead with special reinforced insides (because lead is a rather soft metal), and will use special installation techniques to strengthen the windows if necessary.

A large stained glass restoration in Ft. Collins or anywhere across the state can be expensive and time consuming. For churches and other houses of worship in need of stained glass restoration, ask us how we can help with your fundraising efforts to raise the money for the restoration.

For more information about stained glass restoration, Ft Collins or anywhere in Colorado, why not give us a call today? You can also contact us through our convenient online “Request a Quote” form and please describe the damage as best you can.

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