The History of Stained Glass: From Early Beginnings to Present Day Fort Collins

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The History of Stained Glass: From Early Beginnings to Present Day Fort Collins

Today, stained glass windows are very common place in churches, temples, and other religious buildings. And some people even choose to add stained glass to their home for privacy reasons. But have you ever wondered where stained glass windows came from? After all, what inspired artists to begin creating windows out of colored glass? And how did a tradition that gained popularity in Europe make its way to Fort Collins, where stained glass can be seen today?

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The History of Stained Glass

The history of stained glass goes back hundreds of years. That’s why in Fort Collins, stained glass is most often found in older buildings like those in the Old Town area. However, many modern day stained glass windows were produced using the same techniques that have been practiced for centuries. But this is not to say that stained glass hasn’t evolved over time because it has. Many of the stained glass windows we find today are much stronger and more refined than those in the past.

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Early Beginnings

Stained glass, or colored glass, found its beginnings in Early Egypt. Egyptians would melt down glass and add dye to it to give it color. These pieces were then add to pottery, jewelry, and all sorts of items. However, it wasn’t until later that people began using stained glass to create windows.

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Stained Glass Windows

Stained glass windows did not come into existence until about the 7th century. Remnants of stained glass pieces have been found at Jarrow and a monastery built at a settlement called Monkwearmouth. Around this time, the trend began to spread across continents and people started adding stained glass to religious buildings and temples. During the Middle Ages, stained glass reached an all time high in popularity in Europe. This is when many of Europe’s most famous cathedrals were built.

For many years, stained glass was produced in Europe and then shipped to America. In 1857, a major stained glass studio was established and more stained glass art began being produced in the United States. By the time settlers had traveled to West and reached Fort Collins, stained glass windows were not only common, they were a traditional part of a church.

Continue the Tradition

Stained glass is a timeless art and a tradition that you can continue in your own home or church. Contact us today to get a quote on custom stained glass for your Fort Collins home or church.

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