Beautiful bathroom stained glass

Beautiful bathroom stained glass

Can you imagine your master bathroom with stunning stained glass in that big window behind the tub? Or how about in the glass shower door? Have you ever seen a bathroom so elegant, so striking, so classy? Or how about that small extra bathroom with the window that faces the side of your neighbor’s house? Can you imagine blocking that not so appealing view by replacing it with something creative, unique, and flat out gorgeous? With bathroom stained glass, you can do just that.

So what is bathroom stained glass? Is it one particular style or design? Not at all. When you work with Fort Collins Stained Glass, you will have a design customized for you, for your tastes, to match and complement your home’s period and décor. So if antiques are your thing, you might want an antique style stained glass bathroom window. Or perhaps even a replica of one of our antique stained glass collection’s designs.

Click here to take a virtual stroll back through history with our antique stained glass photo gallery. Can you imagine one of these lovely windows in your bathroom?

Maybe your Fort Collins home is much more contemporary in look and feel. We also have a host of contemporary styles that would work to complement the room and the overall feel of your home.

Click here to take a look at our classic yet contemporary signature Aspen Collection, which celebrates the beautiful Aspen forests of Colorado in vibrant glass art.

Ft. Collins Stained Glass Bathroom 106

If neither of those styles are quite your thing, how about a striking Art Deco design for your bathroom stained glass? Or a Celtic design, perhaps celebrating your heritage? Or a design inspired by the incredible stained glass of Frank Lloyd Wright or Charles Rennie Mackintosh?

When it comes to bathroom stained glass, Fort Collins customers get more privacy, more style, and still let in the light. And don’t worry about the moisture content of your bathroom either. We use special installation techniques in moist places to protect the stained glass panel and ensure its longevity.

Click here to see just some of the beautiful bathroom stained glass designs we have created for clients during our twenty years in the stained glass business. As you can see, the designs range from the simple to the elaborate, but almost all of them are done in frosted glass for privacy reasons. After all, no matter how beautiful or elegant, it is still the bathroom!

For more information about custom designed bathroom stained glass, we hope that you will get in touch with us today via phone or by using our handy online web contact form. Either way, we’d love to show you how incredible your bathrooms could look with the addition of just one stained glass window.

Martin's work has been spotlighted on HGTV, the DIY Network, CBS, NBC, and numerous media outlets. He is one of the most accomplished stained glass artisans of his time and the proud owner of Fort Collins Stained Glass. He has dedicated his entire life's career to sharing his love of stained glass with others and is an expert on its origin, manufacturing process, and history. In addition to creating custom stained glass for homes and commercial businesses, Martin also acts as a consultant for church restoration projects. Drawing on his own research and ongoing education as well as the skills that he attained while working as a glass artisan in Scotland, Martin helps property owners identify the best styles and options of stained glass for achieving their aesthetic and architectural goals. His company has been in business for over thirty years and has successfully executed over 50,000 projects.

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