Great Church Stained Glass of Colorado: First United Methodist Church

first united methodist church fort collins

Great Church Stained Glass of Colorado: First United Methodist Church

The history of stained glass dates as far back as early Egyptian times when it was first used to create beads for necklaces and bracelets. The art became widely popularized during ancient Roman times when it was installed in the homes of wealthy families. And perhaps the most famous examples of stained glass known today is the artwork that resides in various churches, temples, and religious sites around the world. But did you know that our beloved city also has some beautiful stained glass windows in its churches? This is the first article in a series that will be dedicated to highlighting the beautiful religious stained glass in Fort Collins, Colorado churches.

The First United Methodist Church in Fort Collins

To get things started, we will begin by taking a look at the stained glass windows in one of Fort Collins oldest churches. The First United Methodist Church, originally the Methodist Episcopal Church, was first established in Fort Collins in the year 1867. The first building for the church was erected in 1873, a small frame located on the corner of La Porte and Mason. However, this area was a swampy environment and the construction of the Colorado and Southern railroads were headed its way.

Therefore, the church was moved to a new site on East Mountain avenue. This was the first of many moves that were to follow because of the church’s expansion. In 1960, the church purchased a six acre lot on Elizabeth and Stover. 1963, construction began for what is now the current location of the First United Methodist Church.

fort collins first methodist church stained glass

The building has become a very popular venue for weddings and other celebrations. One of features that makes it an attractive gathering place is the colorful stained glass windows set behind a large Marcussen pipe organ and hanging cross. The windows are an incredibly captivating focal point that allow an ample amount of natural light to flood the room.

If you ever get the chance to stop by the church, we definitely recommend taking a look at these gorgeous stained glass windows. They are truly a treasure to find in the city of Fort Collins.

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