How to get started with Historical Restoration of Stained Glass for Retail Spaces in Fort Collins

How to get started with Historical Restoration of Stained Glass for Retail Spaces in Fort Collins

Fort Collins is an older town here in Colorado as such, some stores here have stained glass dating back to the early 1900s. Stained glass from this era is due for restoration right about now. Why? Because stained glass, which was made at the turn and early 20th century, was only built to last about 80-100 years before needing to be restored. If you have stained glass in your FoCo retail location, this could mean two things. First, it could be time to get your retail location’s stained glass repaired if you want it to last another 100 years. Secondly, the stained glass in your Fort Collins store may have historical value. This value is definitely something to consider when contemplating the value and cost of repairs. But historical restoration is complicated. So we have outlined where to get started below. 

Determining If Your Retail Stained Glass Needs Restoration

Examine Your Retail Stained Glass

The first step on your restoration journey is to take a look at your stained glass and its superficial appearance. Look to see if there are any chips, cracks or missing pieces. Also, examine the caming (the lead strips that connect the glass panels). Is it chipped and brittle? Or does it look saggy? These are all telltale signs that the stained glass in your Fort Collins retail spot may require repair. 

Have A Professional Access Your Stained Glass

The next thing to do is to have a stained glass professional do a full assessment of your stained glass. They will take a much deeper and methodical look at the glass, leading and, most importantly, the structural elements. They will be able to see things you may not have an eye for like concave windows or micro-fissures. They will also be able to write up an estimate of time and cost. This will be important for the next step.

Talk To Your Investors and Employees

Once you know exactly what is wrong with your stained glass, how much it will cost to restore and how long the restoration will take, the next step is to speak with those invested in your store. This could mean everything from business partners to staff. Partners will likely bear part of the responsibility for cost–so looping them in will help you figure out financing. Since employees may have to take a bit of time off during restoration–talking to them about the process is critical. Most of the time we here at Scottish are not at all intrusive but preparing interested parties is key to a successful stained glass restoration.

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