Benefits Of Stained Glass Restoration Over Removal for Fort Collins Churches

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Benefits Of Stained Glass Restoration Over Removal for Fort Collins Churches

Deciding between restoring and removing stained glass in a Fort Collins church is no easy task. First, there are historic preservation matters to consider. Stained glass is a very old art form, and there are few windows remaining today. Furthermore, it’s part of Fort Collins’ architectural history.

Nevertheless, stained glass restoration requires a significant financial investment. Many churches do not have access to the funds they need. However, with a little bit of effort and fundraising, they can be obtained.

Furthermore, there are many practical reasons to choose restoration like the preservation of privacy and natural light. Churches should take great care to consider all options before making a decision. In most cases, when it comes to restoration, the pros end up outweighing the cons.

How Are Leaded Glass Windows Repaired?

Stained and leaded glass windows should be repaired by no one other than a professional. Antique glass is delicate and should be handled carefully. Furthermore, repairing stained glass requires being able to discern what materials and techniques were used for its construction.

A studio who specializes in church stained glass restoration in Fort Collins will know how to properly assess the windows and restore them. Usually, this process involves an onsite visit, removal of the glass, and the replacement/restoration of damaged elements.

Three Reasons to Consider Stained Glass Restoration

Stained glass windows are more than just something pretty to look at. They’re an important part of religious history and culture. Additionally, there are some very practical and logical reasons for restoring antique glass, such as:

1. They provide privacy for prayer. Prayer is a private conversation between a person and God. Stained glass windows create a comfortable, secluded area where people can feel free to pray and worship in the manner that feels true to their heart.

2. They allow light into the church. If stained glass is removed, there will be no privacy. Curtains or drapes can be added to the window, but these will block light, whereas stained glass does not.

3. If it is very old, church stained glass is rare and valuable. This can be useful to a church if the building is used as a wedding venue or if it is ever put up for sale.

Get More Information

As you can see, the benefits for church stained glass restoration in Fort Collins far outweigh the cost. For more information on the restoration process, please contact our office.

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