To Keep or Replace: A Closer Look at the Value of Stained Glass in Fort Collins Historic Homes

To Keep or Replace: A Closer Look at the Value of Stained Glass in Fort Collins Historic Homes

Many Fort Collins homeowners are drawn to the historic houses laced throughout the Fort Collins area. These historic houses feature that undeniable character that just can’t be recreated in newer construction homes. All these little details range from timeless crown molding to elegant built-ins. Stained glass windows that are original to the home also offer that unique character that many buyers are looking for. For owners of historic homes, taking a closer look at the value of their stained glass can help decide whether or not they should be restored or replaced.

The Value of Stained Glass Restoration in Your Fort Collins Historic Home

Restoration is definitely an investment but can be well worth the financial and time commitment in the majority of circumstances. Stained glass restoration should typically take place when the antique window reaches the age range of 75 years to 100 years old. This restoration process can actually add another century of great condition to your original stained glass windows. This is definitely something to consider if you treasure your stained glass, are thinking about resale value in the future, or would like to keep these stained glass features as family heirlooms. In certain cases, too much deterioration can cause permanent damage making the restoration more costly than the antique value the stained glass holds.

The Cost-Benefit Analysis of Restoration or Replacement of Fort Collins Antique Stained Glass

In order to determine if your original stained glass windows are a candidate for restoration or replacement, finding a well-experienced stained glass artisan is vital. The stained glass artisan should offer to complete an in-home assessment of your stained glass to really understand the root causes of deterioration; offer a cost-benefit analysis; provide project costs and timelines; and much more.

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