5 Stunning Bathroom Stained Glass Windows for Fort Collins Homes

5 Stunning Bathroom Stained Glass Windows for Fort Collins Homes

When people think about stained glass, they usually think it belongs in commercial or religious properties. However, an underrated place to invest in stained glass is homes. This gives homeowners the opportunity to boost property value, improve curb appeal, and much more. While there are so many ways you can incorporate stained glass into your home, one of the favorites is the bathroom. Enjoy full benefits ranging from better privacy to stunning art. Here are five stunning bathroom stained glass windows for your Fort Collins home.

Bathroom Stained Glass Windows for Your Fort Collins Home

Having a sliding window gives you the chance to determine the level of privacy you need with either leaded or stained glass. Either replace both panels or just one. This simple leaded design helps block unwanted views while maintaining optical clarity above.

Stained glass can be tailor-made for any window shape including arched windows. This leaded design features bevels and simple linework that complements the existing bathroom design well.

For the ultimate privacy solution, stained glass offers an excellent option. This fully colored panel blocks views, maintains natural sunlight, and is a one-of-a-kind art piece that brings amazing contrast compared to the existing white bathroom.



The subtle pops of color in this Mission-style leaded glass window are tasteful and really bring the entire bathroom together. The combination of leaded and stained glass is great for addressing privacy and decor.

For those looking to really create a modern escape, this bathroom screams that with matching leaded windows. Enjoy better privacy along with complementary design.

Work With Fort Collins’ Premium Bathroom Stained Glass Artist

Fort Collins Stained Glass is proud to be the premium bathroom stained glass artist serving the northern Colorado area. Our team is always here to help you design the perfect addition for creating that oasis. Contact us today!

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