How to Enhance Your Fort Collins Chapel’s Stained Glass

How to Enhance Your Fort Collins Chapel’s Stained Glass

Fort Collins chapels house some of the most beautiful religious stained glass pieces. These stained glass windows feature beautiful works of art that showcase powerful Christian imagery, often pertinent to congregation members. Stained glass has a wonderful way of portraying different messages to different worshippers, which in turn becomes such a huge part of the worship process. Preserving these antique stained glass panels is meaningful to Fort Collins worshippers and their families, giving their future generations something to be inspired by as well.

Fort Collins Chapel Stained Glass Repair, Restoration, or Replacement

Simple repairs and polishing can always be completed in order to enhance your Fort Collins chapel stained glass. These repairs are typically completed inside your chapel and don’t render any downtime. If your stained glass is a candidate for restoration, we must remove your stained glass windows and transport them back to our studio for intensive repairs. Restoration is inevitable but can actually add another century to your stained glass. Unfortunately, in some cases some stained glass pieces are beyond restoration or would cost more to restore than the piece is worth– in those cases we recommend replacement. There are a multitude of ways for us to enhance your stained glass, but proper, regular upkeep can also enhance your religious stained glass.

Stained Glass Ceiling Restoration – Montrose, Colorado from Fort Collins Stained Glass on Vimeo.

Restoration Process for Fort Collins Chapel Stained Glass

Our acclaimed restoration process can take up to a month to complete but you’ll be amazed by the newly renovated, sparkling look of your stained glass. Stained glass restoration begins with soaking the piece in a soap blend to remove all impurities and for dismantlement. We individually replace each damaged piece and produce new lead came for your stained glass window. With black cement and proper reinforcements, we increase strength and durability.

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