Taking the First Steps Towards Repairing Your Fort Collins Home’s Stained Glass

Taking the First Steps Towards Repairing Your Fort Collins Home’s Stained Glass

Stained glass repair and restoration in your Fort Collins home may seem daunting and you might not know where to start. Luckily, Fort Collins Stained Glass has an acclaimed restoration process that makes everything stress-free and easier on you. We can repair or restore any stained glass piece from any time period, recent or antique. Whether you have a custom-made, newer stained glass window that needs a little love and polishing or an antique stained glass window that’s starting to show signs of deterioration, we’ve got the solution for you.

Fully Restore Stained Glass to its Original Beauty by Contacting Experienced Professionals

We can fully restore historic or antique stained glass back to its original beauty. Stained glass can start deteriorating around the 75 year to 100 year mark– we always recommend restoration at the first sign of deterioration in order to avoid irreversible damage. With proper restoration, we can actually add another 100 years to your stained glass’ lifespan. That means future generations in your family will be able to treasure your stained glass antique just as much as you do. We hope that our stained glass restoration is appreciated by your future generations and when the next 100 years roll around, they’ll have your stained glass restored again and again.

Stained Glass Restoration from Fort Collins Stained Glass on Vimeo.

Contact a Stained Glass Designer Who is an Expert in Repair and Restoration

Fort Collins Stained Glass is proud to be the trusted stained glass repair and restoration studio in the Fort Collins area. Our renowned restoration process has completed hundreds of residential and commercial projects, helping preserve history and heritage. We can help you determine if your stained glass is a candidate for repair, restoration, or replacement. We always like to help our customers make the most informed decision on their stained glass investment, providing the cost-benefit analysis.

For more information regarding your Fort Collins home’s stained glass repair or restoration, please give us a call: (970) 613-0377

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