Does My Fort Collins’s Stained Glass Need Covering?

Does My Fort Collins’s Stained Glass Need Covering?

Does My Stained Glass Need Covering?

With such intricate patterns and gorgeous sinuous lines, stained glass is a stunning art form, to say the least. These lines and beauty also tend to give the appearance of fragility to what is actually, exceptionally stable glass. As stained glass experts, we know that stained glass is not overly fragile and, in fact, nothing could be further from the truth. This doesn’t mean it should not always be handled and treated with the utmost of care or that adding a layer of protective covering is not a good idea. First off since stained glass is more expensive than traditional flat glass, the small cost of protecting it greatly outweighs the greater cost of potential repair. Additionally, stained glass windows, in most cases, are purchased with the intention they will become family heirlooms; in which case, you need to make sure they stay intact and looking good. Finally, stained glass windows, on cathedrals, in particular, are often targets of vandalism. As such, our recommendation for assuring a long, beautiful life for your stained glass is to get a protective covering for your windows.

Different Types Of Stained Glass Coverings

Protecting stained glass windows is pretty straight forward. A covering simply involves a protective, often sacrificial material being layered on top of the glass. There are a couple of different options for protective layers for your stained glass and each one has it’s pros and cons.  We, at Fort Collins Stained Glass, are able to explain a variety of methods to you, including the ones we do ourselves, to help you make the very best choice but below is a summary of a few methods.

Window Film As Stained Glass Covering
The Pro: Is easily applied even on a DIY level (although not suggested) and can protect from UV Rays
The Con: Is not as strong as other protective layers, which could lead to glass still breaking.

Glass As Stained Glass Covering
The Pro: it stays clear over time, and it is a little stiffer and more scratch resistant than the plastics.
The Con: Does not protect from UV rays unless tint is applied

Acrylic As Stained Glass Covering
The Pro: Is strong, durable, stays clear over time
The Con: It does not insulate as well as an insulated glass

Colorado’s Stained Glass Coverings Expert

We know from experience that stained glass windows are incredibly lovely and even sentimental to our clients, so of course, we want to help them last a long time and stay looking beautiful. The good news is, with proper care, your great grandkids will likely be able to enjoy the same beauty as you do. This proper care includes hiring a professional to install a stained glass protective covering. At Fort Collins Stained Glass, we know how to install the most durable and lasting protection for your stained glass. We employ only the best craftsmen and covering installers to make sure our client’s precious stained glass lasts for decades to come. If your stained glass doesn’t have a protective cover and you would like to find out more, contact us today so we can help you preserve your stained glass for the next generation to come.

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